BriteCore RFI

Data Access

A well-organized data platform strikes a healthy balance between data accessibility and security. Our staff works to ensure information is available to only those who need it and protected from those who are unauthorized to view it. This approach has allowed us to remove friction points between carriers and their data while preserving the rights of individuals and companies. The result is a highly secure yet accessible platform that allows staff to perform their jobs better and faster without compromising the security or integrity of the data in use.


  1. Do external parties have access to Scoped Systems and Data?

    No. We do not allow external parties to have access to scoped systems or data.

  2. Is a background screening performed prior to allowing constituent access to Scoped Systems and Data?

    Yes, we screen constituents upon hire.

  3. Do third party vendors have access to Scoped Systems and Data?

    Yes, Amazon has access to Scoped Systems and Data for the purposes of providing cloud hosting.

  4. Are there external network connections (Internet, intranet, extranet, etc.)?


  5. Is wireless networking technology used?

    Yes, wireless networking technology is used only within our office. All wifi traffic is dual encrypted (both over the air and between servers).

  6. Is Scoped Data sent or received electronically or via physical media?

    Scoped Data is sent/received electronically only.

  7. Are Web services provided?


  8. Are electronic systems used to transmit, process or store Scoped Systems and Data?


  9. Are unique user IDs used for access?


  10. Are passwords required to access systems transmitting, processing or storing Scoped Systems and Data?

    Yes, we require passphrases and PEM keys for highly secured portions of our business and hosting.

  11. Is remote access permitted?

    Yes, remote access is permitted via VPN, over the wire encryption on company approved hardware.

  12. Are business information systems used to transmit, process or store Scoped Systems and Data?


  13. Is personal information about individuals transmitted to or received from non-US countries? If yes, identify the countries.

    No, we do not receive or transmit personal information to non-US countries.