Annual Maintenance

1% of Direct Written Premium

Long term partnership requires shared incentives. To create mutual goals and rewards, we index BriteCore’s ongoing maintenance fee to your company's written premium volume. We will do everything possible to help you grow and succeed over the long term. The average BriteCore client sees 10% annual premium growth due to new operational efficiencies through BriteCore and new sales channels.

Annual Maintenance

Annual maintenance is indexed as 1% of direct written premium adjusted annually based on the prior calendar year. This is divided 50:50 into system access fees and dedicated support fees.

System Access Fees

System Access Fees support general system maintenance and ongoing innovation. These funds are directed toward initiatives such as research and development, community feature enhancements, networking services, and infrastructure upgrades. Your system access fees provide unlimited logins to all integrated modules, perpetual product updates, documentation and release notes, daily system and regression testing, and access to our community discussion and voting forum.

Dedicated Support Fees

Dedicated Support Fees are allocated to the individual needs of your company. These funds are directed toward initiatives such as training, consulting, business analysis, and defect resolution. Your support fees provide access to our veteran account service staff, expert software developers, industry-leading change management and issue tracking systems, and fully mirrored test sites.