Policy Administration


Speed to market and operational efficiencies are key advantages for progressive insurance carriers. To grow your business, you need a policy administration system that streamlines your processes and controls your costs. BriteCore offers a fully automated policy administration system that allows you to manage products and policies through a flexible workflow. Our Policy Administration module supports highly flexible configuration for personal, commercial, and specialty lines of business.

Your products need a strong distribution channel for your agents along with a system that will allow your underwriters to easily and rapidly communicate with them. Each group of users has their own needs, and our system enables you to provide the right view, the right transactions and the right process flow for each one. We support multi-line, multi-state, and multi-location policies so whatever your needs are, BriteCore has them covered. All policy information is accessible via our robust web API, allowing simple integration with third party vendors and access to policy data.

Policy Submission

The Policies module provides easy management of the entire policy lifecycle. Agents quote and submit new applications through BriteQuote. All products are configured using the exact same rules and rates across both BriteQuote and BriteCore, ensuring seamless straight-through processing. Once a policy is submitted, underwriters can utilize many convenient tools to make the review process easier such as automatic rule enforcement, photo attachment, credit scoring, and loss history integration. Once reviewed, policies can be accepted or rejected with a simple click.


Acceptance automatically triggers processing throughout the system. Declarations, forms, and custom letters are generated and imaged for nightly printing or electronic delivery to insureds, agents, and mortgagees. The Billing module automatically processes billing, payments, and account histories Commissions are calculated and applied at the agent, agency, or agency group levels. Mortgagees receive electronic notification with the corresponding vendor integration. Inspections are requested and notification is sent with the corresponding vendor integration .


Once a policy is issued, in sequence or out of sequence endorsements can be processed easily by internal underwriters, or requested by agents. Coverages can be added or removed and insureds, agents, and mortgagees can all be modified. If an underwriter wishes to create a workflow task or reminder on the policy, we offer an extremely flexible alert and notification system in BriteCore that generates internal system reminders or external email notifications based on dates or policy actions. At every step, BriteCore writes an immutable transaction log so you can review every action taken on a policy should the need arise in the future.