Agent Quoting and Inquiry

Quoting and Application

BriteQuote is and all-in-one quoting and application system that can be accessed via the web through BriteCore's Agency Portal. From the Agency Portal dashboard, agents can quickly generate a quote based on the lines of business and rates you configured in BriteCore and instantly convert the quote into an application – all with seamless, automatic enforcement of your underwriting standards.

Agents can only bind policies that meet your criteria, and when they submit an application, it’s emailed straight to the underwriter for approval. The best part? No double-entry. Underwriters simply click “approve” and BriteCore creates a new policy inside your system.


BriteCore’s Agency Portal has proven to be a major factor in recruiting and retaining agents. Programmed using the most advanced, enterprise-level technology in the insurance industry, BriteQuote’s interface is both attractive and easy-to-use.

Agents love how straightforward the quoting process is with BriteQuote. The step-by-step policy set up, point and click navigation, and minimal input requirements dramatically increase the speed and accuracy in which users can perform tasks.


BriteCore offers the ultimate peace of mind because it can go wherever you go. Your staff need nothing more than an internet connection and a viewing device to access BriteCore. The system works seamlessly across multiple screen types so the claims adjuster in the field with a tablet, the mutual employee at her desk, and the agent with a smartphone can all access and use BriteCore on their own preferred viewing device with zero drop in quality or functionality.

Agent Inquiry

Agents have access to insured policy, billing, and claims information through our online Agent Portal. This increased accessibility results in fewer questions and phone calls to the carrier. However, when an agent does have a question, they have the ability to engage your company staff in real-time using BriteCore’s Live Chat feature. With a click of a button agents can be instant contact with your underwriters. This works especially well when an insured is in the agent’s office and they have an immediate inquiry.