Reports and Extracts


BriteCore’s reporting module provides you with the operational insight needed to finely-tune your business and stand out from your competition. Make sound business decisions to grow and sustain your company with one of three categories of reporting data: NAIC Standard Reports, Custom Reports, and Data Extracts.

NAIC Standard Reports

We offer a solid base of over 50 standard NAIC reports for managerial analysis and statutory accounting compliance. We consult regularly with Booke to validate the design and quality of our standard reports, and run automated system audits on a nightly basis to maintain correct, repeatable balances. Our standard reports come in a variety of formats including print ready PDFs, excel templates and spreadsheets, csv files, and flat text files. Examples of standard reports include written premium, aged accounts receivable, and market conduct activity.

Custom Reports

Individual carriers have reporting needs specific to their lines of business, state department, and reinsurance treaties. We develop custom reports as a component of every system implementation to make sure you have access to the data you need in the precise format you desire. Examples of custom reports include state fire fees paid, detailed limit profiles, and loss layer summaries for reinsurance.

Data Extracts

Business Intelligence is a key asset to many insurance providers because it can be used as leverage during the business development, decision making, and implementation process. BriteCore comes with a comprehensive data warehouse that can be used to drive business value and supports better decision-making by giving carriers unlimited access to their own data.

Designed for easy retrieval of information, the warehouse is composed of data marts specific to certain logical business functions. Insurers with internal IT expertise can mine this comprehensive dataset for risk analysis, advanced processing, business performance management, benchmarking, and predictive modeling.