The Settings module allows you to personalize BriteCore’s behavior. System preferences can be set to meet the unique needs of your business and support your process workflows. We offer settings for a wide range of processes such as billing, cancellations, printing, and commissions.

Settings also provides you with the flexibility you need to establish your own brand. We have designed and implemented tools to allow you to control your own messaging and logos on declarations, cancellation notices, billing notices, and other custom deliverables, as well as inside the Agency Portal.


Customized permissions help to ensure that only authorized users can view or edit information in BriteCore. This ensures your users have limited access to sensitive information, viewing only the portions of BriteCore that are essential to their job function. This area is very important in keeping your BriteCore processing system secure.

Annual Statement Lines

You have the ability to define the states and counties in which you do business. Once you have established your business locations in Settings, BriteCore can assist with policy issuance by automatically importing the states in which you do business. As a result, policies are written more accurately since BriteCore follows the locations and writing requirements you've identified for those locations.

Login Preferences

Adjust your login preferences to increase security. You can set up basic functionality such as limiting login attempts, setting requirements for password length and complexity, determining login session time, and identifying roles and permissions for employees who will use BriteCore.

Admin Alerts

Certain events in BriteCore can trigger the automation of system-generated Email Notifications. Carriers can specify email recipients for each of these notifications inside BriteCore's settings module. Click here to view a complete list of events that trigger the sending of automatic email notifications in BriteCore.