Product License

2% Direct Written Premium

An initial license fee is assessed at the time of product purchase and is indexed as 2% of your company's direct written premium.

Accrued Value

Britecore is the product of many innovators and visionaries who have committed both time and money toward building the most advanced insurance processing system available for property casualty insurance carriers. Since development began in 2009, the system has grown and matured into a stable, flexible, and feature-rich platform that’s proven and effective. IWS has invested over $10 million in direct product development for BriteCore and the supporting infrastructure. Your license buys access to all of the modules and features developed to date, allowing you to take full advantage of years worth of research and development immediately for a small fraction of the development cost.

Risk Mitigation

Many carriers looking to move beyond a legacy system grapple with the question of whether to build, or join a growing community and platform such as BriteCore. Green field software development requires significant funding and a very talented group of experienced developers and industry experts. Failure rates are very high for ground-up builds due to the sheer complexities of both insurance and modern software. We owe our success to many converging factors: amazing and loyal clients, talented developers, a resilient business model, iterative processes, and test-driven development among others. Our community and our model has already produced a vibrant and innovative platform that is proven across 36 carriers in 43 states.