BriteCore RFI

Strategic Overview

IWS is a technology company unlike any other in the insurance industry. As the software environment is increasingly dominated by venture capitalists, we grow organically through the initiative of a tight group of engineers and insurance carriers. We are focused on long term sustainability, financial strength, and technical superiority. We are innovators willing to invest in creative solutions and bring a proven record of success to client relationships. We focus squarely on providing innovative tools to small mutual insurance carriers that allow them to match and exceed the service offerings of large national insurers.


  1. What differentiates your solution from other solutions?

    Rapid, client-led innovation at a reasonable price point is what truly sets our solution apart from our competitors. While some of the large system providers such as Accenture and Guidewire do a great job at improving their product offerings, we are the only provider serving the <$100m market that is continually innovating. We are asked to speak frequently at NAMIC and other state association meetings on technological innovation because we are the clear technological leader.

    As other vendors start to talk about the cloud, we have been there since the beginning. No one else can say that their solution is fully scalable, self-healing across geographic regions, and clonable for testing. No other vendor releases more than 800 features per year. No other vendor has replaced 100% of their original code base in just under four years. No other vendor supports live clients on AAIS By-Peril. We are truly a community of partners working for the common good.

    Our product, pricing, and development models are designed with flexibility and future enhancements in mind. Our clients directly establish development priorities which optimizes our product roadmap. Services staff maintain deep insurance expertise, offering creative process optimizations and translation between developers and carriers. Developers implement leading technology, solving carrier problems with the latest tools and processes. These forces combine to produce ground breaking features at a record pace. As our group grows, we build better tools faster.

  2. What differentiates your company from other companies?

    Customer service and client community is what sets us apart from our competitors. Our service continues to be recognized as exceptional by our client base and this is validated by awards such as the Novarica Rave Award in 2013. Please contact our client base for referrals. BriteCore was launched through client initiative, and we continue to be guided and directed by an innovative and dynamic group of people who share a common vision.

  3. What do your clients rave about when discussing your company or solution to others?

    We believe that the best way for prospective clients to learn about BriteCore is to visit with current clients and view a live system in production. We have a wide variety of clients who are eager to share their experience and success with BriteCore. Generally speaking, there are about five outstanding attributes our clients love to rave about:

    • Ongoing Technical Innovation - We are the technological leader without question. We have developed and expanded BriteCore at an incredible pace and have done so with tremendous stability based on our test driven development and continuous release processes. If you are looking for a strategic long-term investment, we are the right choice.
    • Web-Based - The system wasn’t modified to be web-based, it was created as a web-based solution and leverages the full advantages of cloud technology.
    • Intuitive and User Friendly - We continue to receive feedback that a new agent or employee can easily learn how to navigate the system with little training.
    • Long Term Partnership - If you need assistance we are available with a single click of the "Oops" button, an email, or a phone call. Our success is dependent on your success, and we treat our clients as long term partners.
    • Change Process - We have an outlined process in which clients have the ability to drive our development through shared community development or targeted funded development.

  4. What major trends are you tracking in the insurance and technology industry?

    1. Automation and operational efficiency
    2. Easy access to big data and predictive analytics
    3. Agency experience and ease of doing business
    4. Mobility and responsive design
    5. Market segmentation and adverse selection
  5. How do these trends affect your products and servies?

    BriteCore balances the best of modern technology with the flexibility and expandability needed to support future insurance and technology advancements. We see BriteCore being an industry leader as these trends (or others) continue to develop.

    1. We add well over a hundred new automation features to BriteCore each year. View our Release Notes for a complete list of upgrades, or sign up to receive monthly BriteCore Newsletters or weekly BriteCore Release Notes. Email us at for more information.
    2. We recently released BriteData (beta), a comprehensive drag and drop report builder and sharing tool. Email us at to request a full video demo of this highly robust feature.
    3. We are continually enhancing our agency portal. The last 14 items to be voted to the top of BriteIdeas (BriteCore's custom built community-wide project manager) were enhancements to the quoting system, agent submitted endorsements, and public payment gateway. We also support and continue to improve download to agency management systems.
    4. BriteCore has always supported mobile browsers, but we are in the process of implementing responsive design on all critical screens. Our Attachments module provides an excellent example of the completed result.
    5. We are steadily improving the ability to rate along any metric possible. We are the first system in the industry to support AAIS By-Peril rating for precisely this reason.

  6. Who are your strategic partners?

    BriteCore is built on the foundation of mutual success. We collaborate with a wide-variety of carriers and vendors to ensure long-term, mutual success. View our Genuine Partnership page for more information.

  7. Who provides direction for your company and your products?

    BriteCore exists and thrives because of a vibrant and engaged community. Our entire client base acts as BriteCore's advisory group through a mature process supported by web-based tools. These tools give clients equal representation in the community. All software enhancements are client-directed through our open change management system known as BriteIdeas. There are three avenues we utilize to determine what enhancements are made to BriteCore, these avenues are:

    • Community Changes - Each client is awarded votes that are weighted based on their annual support payments. Clients can then enter change requests into BriteIdeas and vote on their favorite changes. They can vote for their changes or any change entered by other clients. Throughout the year we lock the top voted changes and add those to the development queue.
    • Client Funded Changes - Most implementing client changes fall into this category as part of their implementation and BriteCore purchase. However, existing clients can also request a funded change. If a community item is not being voted on by the client base, a client can click a "fund me" option and request a quote for the change. They can then pledge dollars towards this change. Other clients can also pledge funded dollars to changes, even if they did not request it. Once an item is 100% funded it goes into the development queue.
    • Strategic Changes - Throughout the year IWS identifies technology enhancements that keep the product viable for the future. These enhancements are decided by the IWS management team and will also be entered into the BriteIdeas site for transparency.

  8. Do you host any user group meetings for your users?

    Yes. Each fall, IWS hosts an annual BriteCore users conference to help focus the energy at IWS in the right direction. This meeting is the primary vehicle to keep staff and clients aligned and talking. During the conference, attendees have the opportunity to learn about emerging technologies, participate in roundtable discussions, provide input on BriteCore’s development, define best practices for their business, connect with other clients, and meet with IWS staff and third-party vendors.

  9. What competitive enhancements have you made to your system this past year?

    2014 was an outstanding year at IWS. Our clients implemented hundreds of creative ideas with enthusiasm and support. This allowed us to expand BriteCore in the following major ways:

    1. BriteData Drag and Drop Reporting
    2. Attachments Rewrite
    3. Agent Portal Endorsements
    4. Underwriting Rules and Rating
    5. New Secure Checkout
    6. Agency Experience Report
    7. Elastic Search
    8. Custom Deliverables
    9. Insured Letter
    10. Import Imaging to Attachments

  10. Please describe other value-added services your company offers.

    • Reporting Assistance - We offer reporting assistance on a regular basis for all clients. We have produced hundreds of targeted reports for reinsurance renewals, market conduct surveys, board meetings, risk exposure groupings, statistical reporting, etc. We are very good at helping you extract the data you need quickly and bring a wealth of experience from prior report requests.
    • Audit Support - IWS is continually under the SOC 1 Type 2 examination, formerly SAS 70. This exam includes the testing and review of physical security, logical access, client data backup, change management, and problem management to ensure proper security of client data. Each year that we undergo the exam, we provide clients with copies of our annual certification reports, as well as SOC bridge or gap letters so they can be redistributed to the carrier's auditing agency. A SOC report is designed to meet the needs of existing clients who require assurance regarding the effectiveness of management specified controls within a service organization relevant business process and information technology controls applicable to a broad range of BriteCore clients. SOC reports provide our clients with valuable information needed to assess and address the potential risks associated with utilizing the services of a SaaS organization.
    • Community Forum Discussion - We provide an uncensored location for community members to post discussion threads on a range of BriteCore topics including policy issuance, claims management, best practices, insurance processing questions, and proposed change requests.
    • Presentations - We are always available to attend agent meetings, board meetings, or state conferences. We speak frequently on topics ranging from direct BriteCore training, to general trends in insurance technology and security.
    • IT Support - We employ many IT administrators and programmers. We enjoy getting to know the IT staff in client offices and are happy to assist and consult on internal projects. We have provided support as clients transition servers to the cloud, deploy softphones, migrate to webmail, and build out internal software. We are excited about technology and are share our experience and learn from you as well.
    • Live Testing - We have built out the capacity to spin up clones of sites on the fly. AWS allows an unlimited number of server clusters, so we can launch as many BriteCore environments as needed to allow clients to explore and validate features using live data.
    • Issue Tracking - Trac is a web-based project management and support tool that allows IWS to easily structure and prioritize projects by using tickets, queues, milestones, reports, and sorted views. This program is open to all BriteCore clients so they can quickly and easily report issues, ask questions, and follow up on work items associated with their company.
    • BriteWiki Documentation - We thoroughly document BriteCore’s functionality and track new feature development using an online documentation suite known as the BriteWiki.
    • Change Management - BriteIdeas is a custom-built platform that handles shifting BriteCore priorities by placing work inside a transparent queue. This work is comprised of both community and client-funded change requests and can be accessed by clients over the internet. Equipped with an attractive, real-time dashboard, BriteIdeas is the primary tool for proposing and prioritizing new changes to BriteCore.
    • Strategic Consulting - Over time we become close friends and partners with most of our clients. We love to share management and leadership ideas, brainstorm around challenges, and help blaze new trails. We love to hear what you are doing, where you are dreaming, and how we can help.